Kumar Containers Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1988, as a tiny factory, indulge mostly into manufacturing of 25L Capacity of Metal Drums for Flavours, Fragrances and Essential oils.

In 1997, The Company diversified with specialised technology to manufacture wide range of Drums upto 210L Capacity.

Further in 2008, in order to meet global changes, the company adopted latest technology and headed towards Automation with more than 85% of its total production dedicated to Export Packagings, Very soon company started its own Direct Export of Drums to various countries across the globe.

By year 2020, Kumar Containers Pvt. Ltd. Developed and started manufacturing the widest range of Innovative Metal Packagings all under one roof making it The Only Manufacturer in the World in Steel Drum Industry with many Patents to its name across the globe. In year 2022, We expanded overseas with our first International Operations in Indonesia.

Kumar Containers Pvt. Ltd. is a customer focused, performance driven, result oriented organisation focused on providing value for money to its customers in the form of Quality Products & Prompt Services.


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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packing


Head Office

Kanpur, U.P.

Unit 1

Kannauj, U.P.

Unit 2

Shamli, U.P.

Unit 3

Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Unit 4

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